I’ll put your logo or name in 3d HD


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 20.

I have some experience in rendering 3D, so for a really cheap price I’ll put make your company logo in 3d or a name for other purposes. Special requests may be asked.

I work with Cinema 4d and can render in any size, file type, resolution, alpha channel etc.

I think 0.05 BTC is a low price but negotiations can be done!

Hope you consider


Skills Required

  • 3d modeling
  • 3d rendering


Salary: 0.05 BTC per work

Benefits: If the client needs other versions of the render (e.g. color change) it's free of charge

How to Apply

Send me an e-mail with your request, and I'll answer it as fast as I can, then I'll proceed with the task, and send low quality previews so the client can see the final render. Then after the payment I'll send the client the Full quality render.