[HIRING] Work as marketing person in the gambling industry from your home!


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Apr 27.

* We don’t care about your formal education
* We don’t care about your CV
* We don’t care if you work from office, home, local Starbucks, on the road, or from under a bridge
* We don’t care when you work
* We don’t care how many hours you put in
* We don’t care if this is your main job or side project

We only care about the results.

You will be working with international team from all over the world all interacting via state of the art collaboration software. Your job will be to make a bitcoin gambling start-up popular using any means your creativity gives you.

The site is https://BitBandit.eu. It’s a privately funded bitcoin slot machine start-up. The only one where you can start playing within 10 seconds, no registration is needed, you can win up to 5000 times your bet and it’s provably fair and transparent. Quite beautiful too 🙂

The two main reasons why this is profitable

* Often underestimated, the slot machines are responsible for over 70% of the most casinos income. They are the simplest gambling game ever and even your grandmother has played it, so it wins the profits charts by sheer volume.
* The site is built to be as frictionless as possible, you just load it, send some BTC and can start playing within 10 seconds literally. That way it’s competing with the simplicity and ease of the offline experience. The idea being that as bitcoin gets mainstream everyone would try it just as your grandmother did offline slots. After all what’s simpler than depositing money and pressing a button?

This is your chance to get into the exciting world of gambling with a project that has what it takes to get it’s fair share of the action and do it just on the edge of bitcoin becoming mainstream. Get yourself on the team before it’s overcrowded 🙂

Here is how the back office looks https://bitbandit.eu/temp/joboffer2.png

The work flow process will mimic bitcoin, decentralized and open. You will have total freedom.
You can work on already created tasks or give ideas for new ones and get assigned to them. You will probably get to work with people like you. In short, your ideas will be driving the process. Think for the owner just as moderator.

The trial period is just one month and you will get compensated for it as well. In fact, you will get % from the people you drive in indefinitely.

Skills Required

  • marketing


Salary: negotiable

Benefits: virtual office real money cool international team new way of working, decentrazed and open

How to Apply

To apply email us at support ~@~ bitbandit.eu and let us know: * If we hire you today, what would be the first thing you will do if you have total freedom but no budget? * What do you think is the most important when doing marketing for bitcoin gambling site? * Have you promoted anything within the bitcoin ecosystem before, what? * Picture of you