Offering varied services for BTC! Proofreading, editing, ad-help, making you smile, etc.


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 30.

I can assist you with your own advertisements, essays, newspaper/blog articles, paperwork (of all kinds; I have experience with medical billing and terminology, as well)… letters to your mother, etc. 🙂

I have been an advertising manager with a newspaper, a billing manager in the medical field, and an incredible cocktail waitress… Don’t hate on the waitressing. That job taught me how to sell anything and everything with just my words.

I have a long, varied background in proofreading, editing, ad-speak, social media advertisements (on reddit, primarily) and the written word. I’m intensely focused on making sure spelling and grammar is immaculate. This is mostly due to my own eccentricities, but it comes in handy when looking over paperwork, advertisements, and essays. I’ll make you sound awesomely intelligent, well-informed, and impervious to typos. 😉

I also moderate a large, popular subreddit revolving around markets that accept only Bitcoin and activities in need of good OPSEC. I am extremely informative and helpful when it comes to this field and can assist you with learning proper security (PGP encryption, Tails, Tor, i2p, etc.) If you ever need assistance with any of this, don’t hesitate to ask! I can point you in all the right directions. This particular “service” would require no charge whatsoever; I’ll be glad to answer any questions regarding this for free. I figured I would mention this information to show why I am interested in cryptocurrency rather than mainstream payments.

As far as making you smile? Easy peasy. I have a few ideas, but if you’re ever in need of a smile, let me know, and we’ll work something out. 🙂

Skills Required

  • Excellent proofreading/editing skills
  • Extensive background in essay writing/editing
  • Extensive background in adspeak; creating successful advertisements


Salary: Negotiable; depends fully on requested job; BTC payments only

How to Apply

You can send me your job request and begin payment negotiations through this application. Include any and all information you think I need to know to help you in the most efficient way possible. I will normally reply within 24hrs.