Will Create a Crypto Currency for you


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Aug 08.

Have you ever wanted your very own Alt/Crypto Currency?

Well I can make one for you! I have done the code for several coins to day. The best know one being Zimstake (ZS). I can provide information on others if requested.

What you get:
1) Complete coin code, customized to your specifications (algo, number of coins, etc)
2) 3 Seednodes for 1 year (can be renewed yearly for $20 USD)
3) Compiled wallets for Windows and MAC.
4) Basic block explorer (styled to match coin logo)
5) Any necessary updates for 1 year (can be renewed yearly for $25 USD)

I can post and give updates on bitcoin talk forum or wherever you would like, but this does not include doing any ANN threads or anything like that. I will provide any necessary information, but any forum threads (or whatever) are up to you.

Now for the price. The fee is 1 BTC (subject to current BTC price). I require .4 BTC upfront and .6 BTC once the coin has successfully launched.

I am, of course, open to offers and negotiation on price or whatever. Just let me know. Thank You!

Skills Required

  • C++
  • Coin Development
  • Alt Coin Development
  • Crypto Currency Development


Salary: 1 BTC

Benefits: Like I said before, I have done several coins and I can provide github links to past coin projects I have done.

How to Apply

You may apply here, contact me on Twitter (@CryptoGir), IRC on freenode (@CryptoGir), or email me (ask and you shall recieve)