C++/HTML/basic Knowledge of C


This is a Selling position in Houston posted Oct 11.

i am a Jr C++ HTML and C programmer looking for work. will work for at least 0.01 BTC. Basic programs to harder longer programs. Can do web design but i need specifications on design.

Skills Required

  • HTML
  • C++
  • Basis of C


Salary: at leat 0.05 BTC or higher. Could Be Negotiable.

Benefits: depending on the complexity of the job, Ill try to inform you on when i can complete it. If the task has any graphics or pictures, please provide me with the images and designs already prepared.

How to Apply

BM-2cUCLhLHBqV7MpsgBuUJqpHL58cLftxpbS either use bit-message to specify, or just fill in the application.