Your girlfriend is ticklish?

Ju (not a company)

This is a Buying position in Anywhere posted Oct 20.

You, or your girlfriend, is ticklish? Earn bitcoins with laughs. You just have to record the scene (even on a smartphone), and email me a link to it.

Qualifying clips should :

* feature a female ticklee. Tickler(s) could be whatever gender they fancy.
* be genuinely yours. No “amateur” clips from the Internet (I’ll know).
* only feature clothed protagonists. The amount of clothing is at your discretion, but nothing you wouldn’t publicly wear.
* feature some kind of restraint (be it “real” bondage, or just holding the ‘lee good enough so she doesn’t run away)
* last at least 2 minutes long
* feature a printed Bitcoin logo prominently (NOT as an overlay, I mean a real one on stage, like on a tshirt, wall, …)
* all participants must be at least 18. No kidding on this. Just because we can’t really check won’t mean we wouldn’t alert the authorities on anything looking like child porn. They’ll do the checking.

The displayed salary could be discussed if you want to propose anything else (longer sessions, clever ideas, whatever).

Skills Required

  • video shooting


Salary: 0.1 BTC

How to Apply

To apply, either send me a link (youtube, 4shared, whatever works for you) to the clip and I'll send payment directly if it qualifies. Join a BTC address, if possible (not sure how bitgigs works yet). If in doubt, or if you want to discuss the salary, feel free to apply with your questions and a way of reaching you back.