Chemistry Tutor

This is a Selling position in Online posted Jan 24.

I am a chemist who has an American Chemical Society (ACS) certified B.S. in chemistry and biochemistry.  If you’re a high school student struggling in an AP class or a college student dealing with the confusing world of chemistry, I will be happy to help.  It’s okay to hate chemistry 😉

I was a small classroom leader and student tutor on campus with hundreds of cumulative hours tutoring face-to-face and online.  In this format we would voice call through skype or google hangouts while drawing via a shared online whiteboard for direct tutoring.  You can contact me in advance if you want to be sure I can answer your question before starting a dialog.  In fact this is preferred since I only take your money if I can provide a solution.  Additionally, I can provide solutions with detailed description if you do not want a direct tutoring session.  I’ve done text-only tutoring as well.

In general I charge $30/hr at the current rate if you have enough material for a session.  If you have only one or two questions, contact me and I can give you a quote on a solution.

Email me at cjfritz5 ( a t ) gmail ( d o t ) com to get started or if you have any questions.

Skills Required

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry


Salary: $30/hr, or individual quotes on specific questions

How to Apply