Will advertise for you!


This is a Selling position in Canada posted Jan 25.

Me and my team can help promote you buisness, profiles, products, or whatever you require. We have a team of experienced logo designers, who can help to make appealing ads. We also have many flash programers who can help add movement and diversity to your advertisement. We have access to get these ads on many websites, as well as on some IOS and Android applications.

Skills Required

  • HTML
  • Flash
  • Java
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp


Salary: 0.4BTC

Benefits: We can offer our customers unparalled advertisment, and have worked with many people before. We have helped to advertise for Electronic music producer and DJ "Excision," and advertised for Memorex, to name a few. Your idea/product/company will be able to traverse to even the furthest depths of the internet, allowing everyone to know about your idea.

How to Apply

If you are interested in our advertising assets, please email me at my personal email account, masterorangekoala@Safe-net.com. We only accept bitcoins as payment, to the adress 18Ya4Vky8cnAk6Ho1pzqSV8xi8xwvuDa7D. To discuss specifics, email me at the given email.