Occupational Health & Safety Policies.


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Feb 14.

Will write Occupational Health, Safety, Fire, Emergency Preparedness, & Environmental Programs, Policies & Procedures.

Most of the listed documents & plans require a lot of work, man hours, money, and (again) of course time to produce. I am offering a freelance service to help you wow your bosses, safety committees and commissions with original and professional documents specifically formulated for your organisation.

PLAGIARISM FREE GUARANTEED. 100% Originally created documents and policies/plans from a trained and competent Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner.

Including but not limited to:

– Letters of Promulgation.

– Fire Safety Plans.

– Fall Arrest Systems.

– Confined Space Entry.

– Chemical protection procedures.

– Provide up to date WHIMS information & procedures for any chemical or compound.

– Employee incentive programs.

– Provide any Canadian Act+Regulation pertaining to any situation or incident. Will rewrite the legislation to be provided with the original in a simpler, less complex & easier to understand format if necessary. Will also explain the other acts & regulations that can accompany the listed regulation to make sure all potential areas are covered to protect you and your employees, as well as to help avoid liability in the case of a legitimate accident in the unfortunate situation where an incident may occur.

– Will prepare an “Emergency Preparedness Plan” for your entire organisation. The plan will be guaranteed to be up to date with current Acts & Regulations in Canada. Fully customisable and easily tailored to your organisation (e.g Your logo added to a cover page for a physical copy when you create your finalized copy in print form. Your company logo added anywhere else in the document that you request. Any sections that you require added or removed due to necessity. Any requested section of the plan changed to better suit your organisation’s “outlook” or “overall life long goal”.)


Any requested changes to rough drafts that are to be completed in a timely fashion must adhere to the Canadian Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Acts & Regulations. No requested changes to rough drafts or requests for added sections/information to the Occupational Health & Safety documents I will create for your company can blatantly disregard the Acts & Regulations for the Canadian legal aspects of Occupational Health & Safety or the specific Acts & Regulations for your province.

I accept no responsibility for the documents, Occupational Health & Safety or Fire Safety Plans I create. I accept no responsibility for any potential injuries, incidents or near misses that occur after I complete & submit my completed works to your company. As with any Safety plan the entire document must be submitted to your management, board members, CEO’s and of course the appropriate Occupational Health & Safety Commission for your area/region for review and approval.

Services are not limited to the listed services above. Requested additional services may be available upon request.

Some of these individual Programs can take an individual up to 6 months or even longer to produce. I can provide the proper, original documents required to bring your overall safety plan together, create it on my own in a much shorter time, or just provide help in the form of advice, corrections, or any+all of the listed services to help you create any plan or policy in a fraction of the time.


Contact for information. Pre-written sections or individual documents pertaining to smaller sections of your company or the policies required may be available upon request for a negotiable small fee.

Skills Required

  • Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner
  • Certified Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Peer
  • Many certifications available upon request!


Salary: Negotiable. Time dependent.

Benefits: Quick & professional services in a reasonable time frame. Example: Requested written policy with a 6 month deadline created, submitted & approved in less that a 14 day time period. Professional documents and a thorough understanding of the Occupations Health, Safety & Environmental Acts & Regulations.

How to Apply

Contact through email. tddct89@gmail.com