Cartographer Engagement Mapping (Sales & Marketing Automation)

Cartographer Engagement Mapping

This is a Selling position in United States posted Jun 09.

Just last week, I launched my personal brand, Cartographer Engagement Mapping. I’ve been professionally automating and streamlining business practices for companies ranging from tech startups to IT enterprises for years. Now that I’m working for myself, I want to get actively involved in the Bitcoin community.

Many small businesses cannot afford to hire a six-figure salesperson with years of experience. Likewise, they cannot afford the mistakes incurred by an inexperienced salesperson. Cartographer fills this gap by creating custom Engagement Maps. Engagement Maps include enterprise-class automation and tools that allow a novice to understand the sales process, get more customers, and eliminate costly errors.

My website is still coming along, but I’m happy to talk with anyone interested in learning more. I’m at or @CartographerEM on twitter. Thanks!

Skills Required

  • MarketingAutomation
  • OperationsAnalysis
  • Sales

How to Apply