Facebook Administrator


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Dec 29.

Hi. I’m Gregorio Ramos II from Philippines. I was wondering if you are in need of someone who can make a Facebook Page of your site or at least someone to take good care of your page if you have one. I wanted to increase the number of reach that you get with your site. Well. Facebook is one of the greatest social medias today! People use it more than doing other stuff, being involved with social media will definitely increase the number of people who becomes aware of this online betting site. If more people are interacting with us and other people will be able to see it they will know that our site is legit. And this will remove the doubt of other people that are still hesitant in placing money to the site.

I have all the listed requirements:

1. Have a good PR and communicating skills, I know what words are to be used and when to use it. I can make people to become attracted to what I am saying and making sure that they will try it out. Having a conversation with other players/bettors about their concern or bugs that they found in the website. It is easy to find out the bugs or errors if we talk to the user itself because they are the ones using it. If they feel that the administrators are kind and generous in answering questions they will surely be close and make other people visit the site. I can spend a lot of time doing this for the better of our site.

2. I can create a business plan with other partners and making sure that we will gain more benefits from them. Maximizing the deal for the best result of every set of projects

3. Can relate to the new trend, I am always up to date, A week ahead on every event that is about to occur. I always research things that are about to happen and always aware of those. Therefore, I can foresee what is the best thing to do if those trend start to occur.

4. I have initiative, I always think what is for the better of the site, always looking around for the response of the crowd and trying to improve day by day. I can execute and manage projects properly since those sites that I made a part-time deal gives me a good response and they liked my work.

5. Can work under pressure and stress. I am currently living in a academy where in pressure and stress are always present when I was a first year, but we still need to work. We are trained to never let our emotions to affect our work and always obey to what the seniors commands. Punishments everyday and making sure that we are always pressured. That is how I live before. Now, I thank my academy that they teach me to be calm in any stress, pressure or problems that occur in my life. I can make sure that I can still work even if stressed.

I am very interested in working side by side with you. Hope that you will consider my work. Thank you and have a merry Christmas!

Best Regards,
Gregorio Ramos II

Skills Required

  • Clicking
  • Web
  • Communicating

How to Apply

Please do leave me a message on my email so that we can discuss what type of site it is that needs to gain popularity in facebook