Essay Writer


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Mar 01.

My name is Dan. I am a college graduate who has spent ten years of his life crawling through the stinking cesspool that is American higher education system. My goal is to provide a professional essay writing service for the subjects of History and English for fair prices.

I will communicate with you via email and we will discuss prices depending on the length of the essay and the degree of research involved.

Whether you’re in high school, college, or applying for a job at Burger King, I can guarantee you a well written essay.

Skills Required

  • English
  • MLA
  • History
  • Masters
  • Theater


Salary: Will Negotiate

Benefits: As a product/victim of the American higher education system, I can guarantee a quality essay that conforms to the standards of your professor/TA/whoever is grading the particular paper. I have been on both sides of the grading/writing process and I guarantee you I understand what it takes to get a passing grade. I can't say this will help you gain knowledge or strengthen your own intelligence, but I can guarantee you a passing grade as long as we communicate the needs of your paper and the particular subject. I want to work with you to provide a product that will pass your class.

How to Apply

Please send an email to the address listed on this website. There, I will discuss payment with you depending on the particular job specifics. Circumstances that effect paper are as follows: - Length - Time until due. - Research papers will cost more (sorry) - Subject