Front-End Web Developer

This is a Selling position posted Mar 29.

I have over three years of experience designing websites with pure HTML5 and CSS3, and over two years of experience learning and incorporating JavaScript and related libraries (jQuery, React, etc) into my projects. Through this I am able to create simple, fast, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites. If you need a website, or just need things fixed on an existing one, please contact me through the form below. Thank you!


Salary: 0.07 BTC/Hour

Benefits: - Fully communicate your ideas and thoughts and transform them into a website. -Work with you on improvements, change of thought, etc. -Deliver beautiful functional and design integration. -Deliver milestones and complete them in a timely manner (In a realistic situation). -English is my native language, if that helps.

How to Apply

If you need or would like a website developed/fixed, just fill out the form and I will try to get back to you ASAP. Please keep in mind that you would need a separate developer for any back-end services as I specialize in front-end development. However, a very large percentage of basic and even moderately sized websites do not rely on any kind of back-end server or application.