Witchcrafting (Doing/Undoing)


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted May 26.

Will provide help, guidance and counselling concerning
demonic possession
demon summoning
making pacts with demons, or trying
undoing a pact ( of none sexual sort, won’t help to
divorce incubus/succubus ).
As well help concerning living possessions, ghost possessions and huntings. All afore mentioned however will require involvement of one or another
type of entity.
Can do rune telling, astrological horoscope ( long, week or so, not cheap. )
If you’ll have desire I’ll draw out your name in dead language
and send you it’s picture :3

Will deal, or help you to deal with above mentioned topics,
please feel free to contact me. Pricing is negotiable to cheap, in some cases free of charge at all.

Skills Required

  • wizard

How to Apply

email me for details