Translations (ITALIAN, ENGLISH)


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jul 02.

I translate anything from italian to english and viceversa, for a very low price!

Skills Required

  • Translations (english
  • italian)
  • italian
  • english


Salary: 0,001446 Bitcoin for every 10 words! If some words are in excess, they will be cut from the payment

Benefits: I can translate any document (Office Word documents, PowerPoint files, really anything) from english to italian and viceversa. The payment is 0,001446 Bitcoins (1 CENT) for every 10 words, very low, isn't it?

How to Apply

Contact me at: and attach to the email the text to translate, if you have any particular detail, feel free to write it. And, in case you are wondering, i have all the Microsoft office suite so you can send me any document you want. -- READ -- Before receiving the payment i want to make sure you are satisfied of the translation.