Mix and Master your audio / song


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Oct 07.

☆ I do mix and/or master your audio tracks ☆

Compression, EQ, Sidechaining, Gate, Transient Shaper, Limiting, Saturation, Convolution Reverbs, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Artificial Stereo and MORE.

If necessary, I will professionally record any required detail for your song to be good

☆ Before ordering ☆

Manual pitch-correction isn’t included on basic gig but if your mix is simple, you could not order the extra and i’ll fix your voice track anyway. It is usually sufficient with automatic correction (auto-tune)

Avoid sending divided tracks, glue them before sending your project (stems)

The best audio mastering does not always repair a bad mix, please de-ess your vocals if you’re ordering a master.

☆ I will give you ☆

WAV and/or MP3 files (just ask for any specific file format)

Skills Required

  • Music
  • Audio Engineering
  • Programming
  • Synth


Salary: 50 USD per day

Benefits: I've been mixing and programming from 10 years. I'm really good on what I make and I really love it.

How to Apply

Contact me on luisaguirre027@gmail.com if you want any kind of audio job