Record Your Webinar or other Streaming Video


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Oct 07.

You want to record a streaming sports game, class, or webinar, but can’t save it for offline or repeated viewing later?

I will convert the stream to a video you can play back on your computer, iPad, iPhone, etc, even if it is in one of those pesky g2m4 wmv or .arf formats. I can also turn PowerPoint presentations into videos for upload to YouTube, or download from any video site.

Skills Required

  • streaming video


Salary: $5 - $10 per webinar

Benefits: The link I send you will be available for 10 days. You can download and keep it forever. If you would like it hosted longer, let me know.

How to Apply

Just send me the date and time of your webinar and the link to it. That's it!