Professional Image Technician for Hire!

Curtis Johnson Photo Services

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Oct 17.

Professional Image Technician for Hire!
Payment method of choice – Bitcoin or Paypal.

What do we do?
-We specialize in color painting photographic and cinematic projects in various workflow outputs (such as high definition 2K 4K & 5K). My
services can include the practical production workflow all the way up to the finished print. We are diligent in our effort to produce a perfect image of the highest quality for every project order.

What do we offer in terms of photo services?
– Manual Color Grading Services.
– Photo Batch Processing & Image Adjustment Services.
– Creative Design Services.
– Film Scanning Services.
– Film Restoration Services.
– Portrait Touch-Up Services.
– Special Effects.

Who should be interested in us?
– Anybody who requires a professional color upgrade applied to their raw image files.
– Image artists of any kind who would like to speed up their workflow or just need additional help with their projects.
– Professional photographers who need quality-priority post production services.
– Concept artists, cinematographers and photographers.

Why should you choose us?
– Our clients always love the work we do.
– We deliver world class color grading services in 5K Retina, 4K UHD and 2K output.
– We photograph with the sharpest lenses in the world to preserve extreme photographic detail.
– Over 15 years of imaging experience (six years teaching at university level).

Personal Work Portfolio:
Churchill Photo Tours Canada

Technical Portfolio:
Photography Studio

Photos For Sale:
2.35:1 Anamorphic University - The Cinematic Frame

Please contact me via flickr or email for business inquiries!

Skills Required

  • Photography
  • ColorGrading
  • Imaging

How to Apply