Winning sportsbettor, In dept Poker instructor/High stress life advisor


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Dec 20.

I’m a professional pokerplayer since 12 years (age 19) and I also have extensive tutorial experience. English and swedish.
I teach:
No-limit holdem. tournaments, sng’s and cashgame.
Live and online.
PLO(pot-limit omaha) cash game, live and online.

Rates varies between 15$/hr for beginners to 250$/hr for very qualified players.

I also have therapy experience and I have a lifetime of dealing with a high-variance/high stress lifestyle.

Rates for that are open for discussion..
But if you, for whatever reason, have trouble dealing with your high stress life, I’m your guy!
If your intrested in a chat, skype me at usagainsteworld !

Skills Required

  • Very intelligent
  • Tutorial and helpful
  • Extreme expert in my fields


Salary: Depends on everything

Benefits: My entire adult life I've been my own boss, which has tought me alot. Winning sportsbettor, mainly pro-poker player and teacher and have experience in therapy. I can offer expertice like few can in the above, but it comes with high variance. A ton of stress that can be very hard to deal with. Here I can offer so much, somone to offload on and to someone who actually understands what it's really like. Add me on Skype, Usagainsteworld, for a chat! Cant hurt:) cheers

How to Apply

Add me on Skype, Usagainsteworld, for a chat! Cant hurt:) cheers