MMO/MOBA ranking, grinding, leveling


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Mar 03.

Willing to rank/level/grind/farm/etc in any MMO, MOBA, etc. I will not use bots or 3rd party software. I will not use chat. I genuinely enjoy all these activities and just looking to gain a little BTC for my time. I’ve been playing MMOs since Everquest 1 and MOBA since WC3 DoTA mod. Diamond/Master in most. We can discuss your needs and the rates I would charge.

Don’t deal with websites offering these services; admins are frequently forced to give up user personal info and the account is banned or suspicious activity is detected by bots from known service IPs. I will do it 100% natural.

Skills Required

  • High ranked
  • Lots of time available
  • Cheap

How to Apply

Please use the application on this page.