Get a responsive, clean website!


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Apr 09.

Do you have an old website that needs updated?

I modernize old websites with outdated code. (Tip: If your site uses tables for layout or if it isn’t responsive, it’s out of date.)

I build sites with clean, responsive, human-readable code that’s intentionally designed to be easy to adjust later, even if the way we view websites goes in unexpected directions.

Get your website rebuilt in modern code—or get a new, clean design for your website altogether. This includes some back-end file setup that alerts search engines what pages you want them to add to their listings. (You don’t want your site code on there!)

Get one site of up to 5 pages*: 0.4 Bitcoin, with 0.02 Bitcoin per additional page. Pages with an unusual amount of content may qualify as more than one page. Pages with unusually little content may qualify as half pages.)

Add a content management system (CMS) like WordPress: + 0.2 Bitcoin for WordPress.
(Other CMSes will have their own fees, dependent on the complexity of and licensure for the system.

Add a completely new, clean design: +1 Bitcoin

If you want a content management system but don’t know which one, I can help you find the best one that best suits your needs. This assistance: +0.2 Bitcoin.

Skills Required

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WordPress


Salary: Bitcoin/XBT: 0.25 for 1 site up to 3 pages, + 0.02 per additional page

Benefits: Get a modern, responsive website. Included: • Contact form. • Optimization of image files. • Light editing of image files (if necessary). • Custom error pages. • Sitemap and htaccess files (back-end stuff for SEO). • Meta tags (front-end stuff for SEO). For additional an fee: • Add a content management system. • Add a store. • Add further functions. • Have me purchase hosting for you. For +1 Bitcoin: • Get a new, clean redesign for your site, to suit the style and mood you want, which takes into consideration how it'll be viewed by colorblind persons (which affects color perception) or altogether blind persons (via screen readers).

How to Apply

Contact me below. Please include: • Your domain name. • Your goals for the website. (To do what, for whom?) • How many pages are on your site? • Do you want any add-ons?

Application deadline: 05/09/2017