Tarot Card Readings

Byron Bay Tarot

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted May 01.

I have been doing tarot card readings for over 40 years, from my private residence in the mountains near Byron Bay Australia.
I live far from the sound, light, and chemical pollution of the big cities, where my mind, body and soul are able to freely connect with myself and mother nature.

Email me describing yourself and ask your questions, and from my outdoor office among the trees and birds, will read your tarot cards. I will email back my reading, of your success, your challenges, and what your future holds for you.

Skills Required

  • Tarot reading
  • Meditation
  • Naturalist


Salary: $55 per reading

How to Apply

Send questions about your future, your love life, your success or any other concerns you would like the reading to explore, to my email address.