Need Bitcoin/Crypto Consulting?


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Jun 01.

Hello there ~
Are you just now hearing about bitcoin &/or cryptocurrencies?
Do you want to know:

What they ARE?
How they WORK?

I’m a Certified Bitcoin/Crypto Specialist & Consultant that can help you do just that!

Learn the basics of Bitcoin & Cryptos…What the Blockchain is …How to trade…& much more of what is literally changing the face of our Financial Industry right before our eyes…

*Learn the future of money…Take control of your Finances*

In person or Online Ind. & Group sessions available…

Skills Required

  • Certified BTC/Crypto Specialist
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Consulting
  • Public Speaking


Salary: Contract Dependent - (USD/BTC)

Benefits: Learn what Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are and how they are dealt with in todays economy. *Learn the basics of how bitcoin came to be...what it is, where it came from, who's using it and why. *Learn the differences between the new digital money and regular fiat money and the pros and cons of each... *Learn where to buy and sell digital money...where you can buy things with it... **Course can be modified to fit each individuals level of interest and knowledge.

How to Apply

For Inquiries or Questions, please email... Include name, contact number, and number of people. Company & group discounts available