University Professor – trading and altcoin market tips


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Aug 02.


I have been trading altcoins since 2011. I know a thing or two about the market. I have devoted countless hours to understand and predict how the markets may develop. I want to make a little bit of money on my knowledge. For a small payment onto my account I will take good care of a limited number of people. I want to help you be a better trader (this goes for short and long term trades).

I have build a network of people who, when something may change on the market, inform me about that. I read over 50 articles about altcoin a day so I am well informed myslef.

Together we can make more money and I want to help you make more money on your investments as well.

Skills Required

  • trading
  • altcoin market
  • graph analysis


Salary: 0.1 BTC

Benefits: Spend 0.1BTC and make much more thanks to my tips!

How to Apply

send me an email or use the job listing.