Japan travel planner


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Hi there,

I’m a Japan travel planner with over 10 years experience.

Can help you plan your trip to Japan to the tiniest detail and help you make a personally tailored itinerary.

For most customers, I plan your itinerary from day to day. Think of:
-Detailed day plan including special stopovers and recommended itinerary options.
-Full transport itinerary, have a detailed overview of public transport options and detailed transfer options.
-Match the best transport and discount options to your plan. One of the questions I get most is do I need a Japan Rail Pass? How to save on travel? I will match the best options to you. Saving you tons!
-Help you find the best rates and hotel availability. Japan is not like other western countries. I can help you find better rates and ability, otherwise not easily found.
-Your own wishes: I have experience from traveling in the big cities to remote places in the country side. I have the details.

Work is on an hourly basis and we can communicate by email, chat or video call.

The first hour is paid in full, after in periods of 15 minutes.

Skills Required

  • Planning
  • Guiding
  • Personal service


Salary: 15USD/Hour in Bicoin

How to Apply

Contact me with what you need and I'll be in touch quickly.