Fix my CSS


This is a Buying position in Anywhere posted Nov 13.

I am writing a very small web application for administration of e-mail accounts.
I want the CSS (“style.css” in the ZIP file included) re-written to a more modern style.
Please try to minimise changes to the HTML, do as much as possible in CSS.
I don’t want any embedded graphics/logos etc.

Ideally I want it to look like Mastodon ( but not as dark and with more contrast. The project will have a licence compatible with mastodon so you are free to borrow their CSS.

On a desktop browser it should have the menu on the right and main content left, on mobile it should just have the main content taking the full screen width and a drop-down menu at the top. Again this should be entirely using CSS (i.e. use CSS3 media queries)

Please test in Firefox, Chrome, Android, and iPhone if you can. I don’t care if it doesn’t look exactly right across every browser but it needs to be usable (i.e. no blank screens).

Skills Required

  • CSS
  • webdesign

How to Apply

E-mail or via website

Application deadline: 12/29/2017