Business Website


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Dec 08.

Get a perfect business website for your business.

1. I can register a new domain for you.
2. Help you find best name based on search, cpc, backlinks, high page authority, high domain authority etc.
3. Very easy website that you can manage your self.
4. With all your support no. you can put on website.
5. Put google map location of your business.
6. Put live chat system to chat with visitors for free and convert them into sales.

Skills Required

  • Wordpress
  • PHP


Salary: $50 per website

Benefits: 1. Best support 2. Best website you get 3. Easy to maintain website 4. I can help you find best domain, hosting and make a website. 5. I do it all.

How to Apply

Just telll me your needs and I will do it.