Online Private Trainer

Fit Lives by Mike

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Dec 09.


Are you struggling with weight and nothing seems to be working?

I’m an experienced personal trainer who will help you break through your barriers and loose the weight for good! Muscle gain is a specialty of mine – any goal is within reach. You will receive a completely custom exercise program, meal program based on your likes and tastes, as well as my personal and daily support, guidance and education to solidify these changes for good!

Start today to lose the weight just in time for the new year!
New year = New you

Instagram: MichaelM818

Skills Required

  • Listening Skills
  • Dedicarion
  • Drive


Salary: .25BTC for both programs and 3 months of consulting

Benefits: Weight loss, Strength gain Confidence, Vitality, Spirituality Custom Meal Plan Custom Exercise Program 3 months personal consulting and training Discounts on supplements

How to Apply

Send me an email. Tell me what it is you would like to see in the mirror and how youd like to feel.