Music Producer


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Dec 17.

High-quality mastered music, in almost any genre. Music for your next ad campaign, for your next movie, for your next song or audio effects for your latest game. All promised to be delivered on highest quality, Mix and Mastered so it’s ready to go. All details could be negotiated and prices are fluid based on your project needs.

Skills Required

  • Music Producer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Composer
  • Record Technician


Salary: Based on Your Project

Benefits: I can deliver fast sketches within three days of your proposal and end results on the agreed deadline, I deliver ready to go results, all mixed and mastered tailored to your project needs, e.g. if it's a TV series it's being mixed for TV series, etc. I also provide extra information for your projects best quality result. You could be sure your project is original, I don't use samples and stems for your projects, everything's made from scratch, even sound samples 1.For originality and 2.For quality.

How to Apply

Send me an email with details about your project, length of music piece(s), mood and/or genre and deadline for delivery.