The answer to all your problems


This is a Contract position in Anywhere posted Jan 03.

If you are an individual who has a worry, problem or simply a situation you cannot see a way out of contact me. I don’t see myself as anyone better than anybody else but I do have a good sense when it comes to finding, researching, dissecting information.

As a few examples, a friend needed to apply for a job, he didn’t know how to create a CV, so I researched the job spec and provided a professional template as well as adding the CV to prospective employers and also coaching him in relation to telephone techniques and interview approach. I’m in no means an expert however the information I provided gave him the confidence to succeed in something he had no prior knowledge of.

Similarly a friend had some spare cash (wish we all had this luxury), I advised him to invest and he made a nice profit, unfortunately I wasn’t compensated for my input, but that’s absolutely fine.

So if you need a boost, or simply want a shake up of your life due to some negativity or something stopping you from moving forward, I may be able to help.

Sometimes we need someone to talk to outside of our situation to give us an outward view point, making us realize that the obstruction was not as big as it had first seemed.

This seems like a good platform to not only help others but get paid for my time in doing so.

Cost 0.003355 BTC per week.

Trust me you won’t need my help for long as I work efficiently.

Skills Required

  • accounts
  • teamwork
  • research


Salary: $50 per week

Benefits: You will have a complete breakdown of your life, positives and negatives as well as current situation and aspirations for the future and how you intend to reach your goals, with step by step analysis of each progressive move.

How to Apply

contact me and lets begin