vintage traditional african arts,artifacts,crafts and outfits


This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 06.

I provide traditional african arts and crafts ranging from head rests carved from wood to traditional african spirit masks. I also deal in african musical instruments like the talking drum,kalangu,kora, ngoni, kakaki etc. Lastly I also deal in traditional african outfits like the kente cloth from ghana and aso ebi from nigeria amongst others. I also am a general merchant of any item you want from the African continent.. I can get it for you and ship to any part of the world.

Skills Required

  • originality
  • vintage
  • valuable


Benefits: I can offer you anything you want from the African continent from exotic animal parts to historical artifacts..just name it..if it exists..i'll get it for you. If you need information of happenings,i'm your guy

How to Apply

You are expected to describe the item you want or if it has a name just state it, if you have images of the item you want you can also add it to your application