In Depth Research

I Want to Know

This is a Selling position in Anywhere posted Jan 12.

I can research anything. I love spending hours on the computer researching and gathering data. Need to find some information but don’t have time to look it up? I can do it for you. Looking for someone and don’t want to spend the time scouring the computer, I can do it for you. Need information on an inherited items from family memebers and want to know the value, I can get you that information.

My top assets are the following:

Tenacity: If it is out there I can find the information.

Curiosity: I want to know, just like you do, It is the key trait for any good researcher.

Communication: Write about findings clearly, as well as understand assignments and instructions.

Attention to Detail: Finding the right information you are looking for in as little time as posisble.

Critical Thinking: Use decisive reasoning to determine the best course of action in my research.

Quick Thinker: Ability to take a concept, idea or direction and deduce it to the core basis to proceed with accurate directional research.

Analytical Associations: Seeing patterns and connections that guide the process to encompass all associations within the specific search project.This results in a complete comprehensive answer.

Technical Skills: I use computers and their resources to find the most accurate information, as well as record to record my findings.

Background Skills.

Years of asissting poeple in searches for answers and information on various topics.

Imagination, Creativity and champion o fthe truth are my key traits that make me an excellent researcher. I can find ingformation in places others wouldn’t think to look to find it.

Skills Required

  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Confidentiality
  • Systematic
  • Ecellent Synthesis of Information
  • Resource Evaluation
  • Information Ranking


Salary: 35.00 per hour

Benefits: Want to know something and investigate a situation or issue? Would like to keep it confidential? Do not have time to spend on the computer researching? I can do the work for you in a less amount of time, present the information to you and helpyou find the answers you are looking for in the least amount of time. It will be presented to you in an easy to understand and read format.

How to Apply

1. Please send me an email with a detailed description of the information you are seeking. 2. If it is research on a physical item, please include pictures of the time with detail photos taken from varying angles. Also include measurements please. 3. Any factual or speculative information you may currently possess. 4. If it is a person you are requesting information about include all physical and nay biographical information about them, any names you know them as, any addresses where they have lived or currently live. Any identifying marks on their person.

Application deadline: 02/11/2018